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We Are a Creative
Video Production Company

We are licensed and insured

LightRush Studios is a creative media company that uses the collective experience of its founders and employees to produce videos and other engaging content such as video wedding invitations, wedding videos and photography, and digital marketing content for our commercial clients. 


We specialize in personal videos such as your storybook wedding that is as special as the two persons joining their lives forever. Our Cherish Your Day® wedding services begins with a themed video invitation to your special event (optional) and ends with a beautiful video tribute that says, “Forever.” Your wedding video could win a few awards but will surely be a classic in the hearts and minds of loved ones who attended or those who could not attend.


Contact us or your wedding planner and request our services. We help you collect memories that Cherish Your Day! Remember, Forever looks so much better through our videos and photographs. 


Experience what it feels like to work collaboratively with a media company. We don’t believe in forcing our creativity on clients but working with you to find the best option and solution for productions. As such, LightRush Studios believes planning process highly ranked in its importance as executing  your project because we get to interpret and understand the true scope of the production. Moreover, our talents – every ounce of it –  exist to help you bring the production to life on video or film as planned. What is more, we have added-value services that help ensure a successful and cost-effective video production include: 

  • Developing the script, preparing the production schedule, creating storyboards

  • Auditioning talent and preparing the cast

  • Orienting any additional production  crew, securing equipment

  • Obtaining copyright approval for music

  • Scouting for and securing locations (if needed)


What We Do


The preproduction meetings and planning sessions are over. Now, it's time to have some fun producing your company’s video! The production phase is where your story comes to life. We take time capturing all principal footage/photography for your video needed to take back to our post-production studios and using our professional editing skills to fine-tune your story. 


Post-Production is the phase after filming and commences the process of editing visual

and audio materials. We work with you or a designee during the post-production phase,

which is typically associated with cutting and assembling raw footage, adding

background music, dubbing, and integrating sound effects. This process is highly

collaborative, and we encourage all clients to participate either actively or designate a

representative to do so.

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